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Saving Time Saves Money

Time is money. It's the name of the game, and cannot be emphasized enough. The amount of money that you pay is directly connected to how long the job takes. Anything that you are willing to do to expedite the process before moving day will definitely help you save money. All of the advice offered below is in reference to everything except your furniture.  

Be Prepared

The difference in time that it takes to move someone who is ready to go, versus those who clearly are not, is absolutely astounding. All things being even, I've seen it take almost twice as long to move one client compared another client with the same amount of things. The only difference between them was that one had packed their things, and the other packed only a few of their things.

Acquiring Moving Supplies

Moving supplies are expensive. You can save a substantial amount of money by planning ahead and ordering in bulk online, (we use if we need to). Local sellers make a killing on this stuff. That said, even the good prices online can get expensive, and there are definitely alternatives. There are a multitude of ways to get boxes for free. From grocery and liquor stores, to Craigslist and Facebook, you may be surprised to know how many people out there are actively trying to get rid of boxes, and are hoping someone who needs them will please come and pick them up. Here again, planning ahead will pay dividends.

Start Early

Everything you have is going to need a place of it's own, and that place is in a box. The best way to ensure your belongings travel well is by getting everything you can into a box or tote. Packing your own boxes offers a few distinct advantages. First and foremost, you're able to ensure that your most precious and delicate items are boxed to your satisfaction. Second to that, you get to choose exactly which items are packed together and label it yourself, which in turn will make unpacking much easier and more organized. Finally, there are the cost savings. Any company hired to pack your things will insist on doing a good job, and that is not always a quick process. I've seen packing charges exceed 50% of the total invoice amount for the entire move. Starting early allows you to stretch the work out over time. This way you can work on it in smaller efforts. The benefits of doing it this way are cost savings and reduced stress.

Staging Saves Time

Now that everything is packed nicely in boxes and totes, any effort to make it all more accessible will benefit time-savings. Fewer steps for the movers saves time. We've had many clients get most or all of their boxes and totes into their garage in preperation for moving day to great effect. Kitchen and dining room tables need their legs removed in order to be transported properly. Beds need to be dismantled, dresser mirrors removed. Any good mover can certainly take care of all of these things, and should definitely know the best way to do it, but again it will simply take longer.

Important Documents and the Like

For the sake of not misplacing them until you've opened all of the boxes once you're in your new home, there are certain items that are smart to keep close to your vest. Be it passports or important bank documents, (you may be fortunate enough to have just purchased a home), to high-value jewelry or precious heirlooms, it's smart to know exactly where these things are and insure you have immediate access to them if needed. If you're moving locally, your personal vehicle is sometimes the best option. This way you can virtually eliminate any possibility of misplacing your most important things. While this won't necessarily save you money, it is good advice that offers some peace-of-mind.

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